Procurement Department

 Company "Astex Trading' purchases on a permanent basis:

Product Name

 Aluminum alloy ingots. Stamps AK7, AK9, AK9M2
 Zinc-aluminum-copper alloy, ZAC 4-1
 Powder paint
 Boxes of different sizes, different brands of cardboard
 Screws, fasteners. Different types
 Abrasive belts
 Steel structures
Oils, coolant and other consumables
Electrical Products
Plastics: polyamides
 Plastics: ABS
 Plastics: POM
 Dyes and masterbatches for polymers
 Bags of different sizes (for packing)
 Stretch Film
 Scotch tape
Calibrated Steel Square (7х7, 8х8)
Manufacture of dies, molds, tooling
Services galvanizing, metal
Construction material

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