Sales Policy
Sales Policy

"Astex" LLC is an importer of steel coils, self-adhesive protective film and expandable polystyrene. In these areas our company follows the maximally open sales policy that is focused on meeting the needs and requirements of all market participants.

The company cooperates with big, medium and small  distributors and wholesalers. Minimumquantityaccepted.

In the field of hardware for PVC and Aluminum windows and doors our company is both an importer and a manufacturer and implements a deliberate policy of cooperation with its customers.

In the sphere of accessories and components for PVC and Aluminum windows and doors, our company carries out active work also with distributors and wholesalers that are not manufacturers of translucent constructions (windows, doors, etc.).

Currently, the sales policy of our company does not provide for dealing with retail consumers.

Each client of "Astex" company is always provided with an individual approach. Our company has always been responsive to all the requirements of our reliable partners, including terms of sale, terms of payment, warranty, and delivery terms.

We guarantee our customers the highest quality of our products, accordingly  we accept notices of defect from our partners and provide replacements, in the case the goods do not meet high quality standards.

We always help our customers to arrange delivery of products to any region of the country.

With respect to the permanent business partners the specialists of "Astex" company always offer free advice on all relevant technical matters.