Prepainted Galvanized Steel

Prepainted galvanized steel coils is one of the most popular materials which has been used in building and construction sphere already for many decades.

Zinc coating is one of the most effective waysto protect metal from corrosion and negative influence of external factors, such as humidity and UV radiation.

Polymer coating is an additional protection of zinc layer and also an aesthetically appealing element which allows extending the sphere of application of prepainted galvanized steel. Due to its protective polymer layer the prepainted metal withstands a wide range of temperature conditions. A really large color palette from the RAL scale allows choosing the material with required color tone for production of construction and household goods.

The quality of the rolled steel from Astex company meets all international standards and confirmed by the relevant certificates of quality and compliance.

  • Steel grade: DX51D + Z
  • Metal sheet thickness: 0,3 – 0,5 мм
  • Sheet width: 1000 – 1250 мм
  • Zinc coating thickness: 100-140 г/м

During RAL color coating process, only high quality paints of the leading world famous Holland and Japan manufacturers are applied. Consequently we provide a multiannual guarantee for this type of steel.

Each coil comes standard with product passport (label) with the following data:

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