The history of foundation and development of "Astex" company, as a successful player in the Ukrainian market, stretches back for more than 10 years.

"Astex" is manufacturing and trading company specializing in hardware for PVC and Aluminum windows and doors, prepainted galvanized steel coils, galvanized steel coils and various types of polymer protective films, polymer raw and silicon metal.

Since its early years, “Astex” has chosen the strategy of active development  which enabled our company to gain a foothold on the market of window and door hardware,  as well as to build a strong team of professionals and to continue searching for new perspective and promising areas of company activities.

In  2009-2010, the company took the decision to work on the market of steel coils.  The first contracts with Ukrainian processers of galvanized steel coils have been successfully signed.

At that time, the market demands (requirements for) to the products and  vendors (suppliers) were very high. Therefore, our team's professionalism and experience as a reliable partner on the market of door and window  hardware helped our company to master this segment of market. Since then, despite the greater loyalty of the market to product quality, "Astex" company has never stopped  to maintain a high level of  our products` quality and reliability in partnership.

At the relevant time , the pool of major clients has been made out of the largest and most reliable companies with a long history and  successful reputation on the market of Ukraine and abroad.

In 2008-2009, "Astex" has created and implemented its own system of product quality control. Our company representatives has always carried out direct and continuous control and supervision of all production stages.

2009 –“Astex” company launched its own production of door and window handles in Ukraine.

The opening of the company`s representative office in Shanghai. "Astex" has become a major international company, reliable supplier and partner.

2010-2011 – the company makes its first deliveries of the adhesive protective film to support its old partners. As a result, protective films have become one of the primary activities of the company and attracted new customers.

2011 г. – «Астекс» run a full cycle of production of all components handles for plastic windows / doors. Currently, the company produces about 10 kinds of its own patented handles.

2011 – "Astex" organized the full production cycle of handles for PVC windows and doors.

2013-2014 – "Astex" has become a national leader and one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of hardware for PVC doors and windows.

2015 – The company successfully launched the full production cycle of PVC door handle sets, mechanical connectors, transom bars, door hinges, strike plates for the mortise door locks. 

"Astex" has never stopped  to implement its strategy of permanent  development, dynamic conquering of new markets and continuos strengthening  of its team by the best professionals!