Balcony Door Handles Set
ANTEY BHS 1/3 (asymmetric)


BHS 1/3


White (RAL 9016)/brown (RAL 8019)


4 sets per individual box,

48 sets per carton box

  • Asymmetric balcony handle set is designed for installation on plastic doors
  • Provides the possibility to close the balcony door both from inside and outside.
  • Different width of the external and internal decorative plates allows to install it on the balcony door with any profile width.
  • Universal external decorative plate (right-left).
  • Balcony handle set is made of aluminum and zinc alloys.
  • Installation on the door – through fastening.
  • Balcony handle set comes standard with screws (with notches for shortening) and shaft.
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